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Our Aims

Our priority for 2018-2020 is women and girls in Kenya, India and the UK who are at risk of forced marriage, Female Genital Mutilation and domestic abuse.

Our aim is to listen to women, hear what they need in terms of educational, emotional and financial support and offer opportunities to create choices.

In partnership with local NGOs we offer women and girls grants and bursaries to go to school, university, nursing college and on vocational training courses.

Where women have suffered post traumatic stress through gender based violence we offer support and funding for psychologists and TTT therapists (Trauma Through Tapping).

We also aim to improve health and obstetric care and have given medical supplies and funded training for nurses and midwives. 


We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

One Woman At A Time is dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in parts of Kenya, India and UK who are severely disadvantaged by social or economic circumstances. 

We do this through funding education and vocational training that give women the skills and knowledge to create sustainable change for herself, her family and thereby transforming her community. 

Our Mission

How we started

It began with a chance meeting in 2012 of two women who lived 5000 miles apart. 


Jean Anderson a retired midwife from Lancashire, found herself in rural Kenya travelling in a makeshift ambulance with a Pokot tribeswoman, Margaret Lulimas, who was dying following complications in childbirth.


The connection that these two women made, and the responsibility that Jean took on for Margaret’s children’s education, became the catalyst of a small movement of empowered women whose mission is to empower other women who do not have choices.

Margaret Lulimas represents all of the women who have died in childbirth and she will not be forgotten.


We currently support over 300 women and children.

We Need Your Support Today!

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