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Three Girls Who Ran Away

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

These three girls ran away from their homes when they found they were to have FGM.

Salome on the right.  She was bringing water from the river and her friend told her the old man visiting in her hut was arranging the transportation of cows which her family had unbeknown to her had agreed as a dowry and she was to have FGM in readiness for  the marriage. As she didn’t believe her she crept back up to the hut and listened and learnt of her fate.

She found the courage the next day to run away even though she had never left her visage on was going into the unknown.

Our ideal is these girls in refuge will be offered sponsorship to enter nursing school or further eduction.

She travelled to village to village for three months until she  was found and handed to the refuge. On being returned to her parents she was told she was no longer their daughter as she had brought shame to the family.

The refuge has been her home for three years and she is now in further education. #Salome #3girls #runaway

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