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New partnership announced!

Updated: Mar 11

It's International Women's Day 2024!


How are you celebrating?


We have something special to announce. We have joined forces with The Wellbeing Farm : B Corp Certified venue experience who from today will be actively supporting our charity and special cause.

Being a female-founded business and a business which has a power for good, we thought it was a fabulous fit. The Wellbeing Farm is more than just a venue, the business delivers a range of events from weddings, corporate events and parties. but also has an underlying social purpose. This purpose has been recognised as the venue in March 2022 became one of the first B Corp Certified hospitality businesses in the UK.


Celia Gaze, Founder and CEO will also become a Trustee of the One Woman At A Time charity says "For years although we've supported various charities and causes, we haven't actually partnered with a specific charity until now.... On International Women's Day we are marking this special day with announcing our new collaboration and partnership with One Woman At A Time. To mark the start of our collaboration, we have made this special video to raise awareness.


From today The Wellbeing Farm we will donate monies to One Woman At A Time for EVERY corporate event, EVERY wedding, EVERY party, EVERY function and we will also plan special events to fundraise for this very important charity. All proceeds from our events like B Corp Fest, Love Fest, Pride In Your Wedding, Christmas Fair etc. will raise much needed funds too".


Jean Anderson Founder of One Woman At A Time says "I have been waiting years for support like this and we felt that we couldn't find a more perfect time than International Women's Day to announce our collaboration. This support we have been given will enable us to provide more support to women facing gender based crimes to find empowerment and be educated. The creation of this video is to remind people what happens to millions of young girls around the world.


The partnership with The Wellbeing Farm is much needed to help us raise awareness, fundraise and remind everyone the fight is not over for girls who have gone through this or are about to in the future. Only last week the second prosecution this year in the UK resulted in a seven year jail sentence for a mother who subjected her 3 year old daughter to having this done. Much more needs doing and together we can make a difference".


We ask you today to share and remind everyone the fight is not over .


If any of you would like to make a donation, you can do so here:


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